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Aghori 14th July 2019 Written Episode Update

Aghori 14th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Kamakshi And Advik’s Eternal Love Save Each Other

The Episode starts with Haryali tying Advik with a creeper and asking him not to be scared. He says this vish will not kill you, it will become blood when you enter my world. Kamakshi comes to Advik’s room and sees creeper in his room. She thinks he had said that the girl was a creeper, if she took him with her. She sees the creeper going in the balcony and thinks she took him out. She runs out of the house. Advik says what do you mean by like you. Haryali says I am the Rani of this jungle and you will become the Raja.

She says we will be together and the lucky one among many. Kamashi comes out of house and finds creeper on the stairs. She sees blood stains and thinks of this is of Advik. Haryali says you can’t stay here as a human, once you become a tree then I will creep over you and be with you. She says nobody must have thought about union like us. Kamakshi comes to the jungle and thinks where is Advik. She shouts calling his name.

Rudranaath tells Param and Suman that they will spend the money equally in the marriage and says we just want your daughter. Suman says just like you said. Dravya comes there and says I know you want just their daughter. She says she is very happy to splash water on his plan and seeing fear on his face. He says he is not afraid of anyone. Dravya says it is said that one shall keep the enemy close.

He says our path and destination are same. Dravya says you believe in killing people and I believe in saving them. Rudranaath laughs. Dravya says your fear brought you here. He says it is good that you didn’t die that day else I wouldn’t have enjoyed defeating you. Dravya tells that she will win from him. He asks using her siddhis and asks her to find out where is Soham? She says she won’t let himwin. Rudranaath says Dravya. Dravya says this is my name, remember this till your last breath.

Soham is tied in the bag and kept somewhere. He tries to free himself. Kamakshi is in the jungle and sees Advik. Advik is becoming plant infront of her eyes. She asks are you fine. Haryani keeps her away using her powers and says I will not hurt you, don’t be scared. Kamakshi says you are the creeper about whom he was talking about. She says whatever she is doing is wrong. Haryali says Advik is part of our my world now and he will stay here forever. Advik looks on and is under the poison influence. Shanaya tells Dravya that she is doubtful about Rudranaath. Dravya says she is sure. Shanaya says Rudranaath must have kidnapped Soham.

Suman shows jewellery to Param for Kamashi and also shows saree for herself. He asks her to buy it. Dravya comes to Rudranaath’s room. He pushes her on the door using his powers. She becomes Aghoran and asks him about Soham. He asks where did you hide Kamakshi and Advik. Dravya is shocked and asks him to tell where he has hidden Advik and Kamakshi. She says she don’t lie. She hits her hand on his face. Everyone hear the sound coming from their room while they start fighting. Param says what is this sound? Dravya makes Rudranaath falls on the almari. He asks when did you learn this Shakti? She says when I felt the need and asks him to tell where is Advik and Kamakshi. She says nothing shall happen to her.

He says Shiv Shiv..and says it is enough of child play and make her hung on the window. He says I am the creator of the shakti vidya. She says you are not its creater. Param and Dravya are fighting and hear someone coming there. They make a circle using their powers and are invisible to them. They don’t see anybody there. Dravya tells Rudranaath that they shall search them using their siddhis. Kamakshi tells Haryali that he has a family who loves him dearly. Haryali says I have seen, he is all alone. She asks him to name a person who loves him more than me. Kamakshi says I love him and realizes what she said. Haryali says you are lying, you don’t love him. She says he expressed his love infront of you, but you rejected it. Kamakshi says you don’t understand it else wouldn’t have pointed finger on it. She says love is love, a feeling. Advik is in the influence of the poison and became a half tree.

Kamakshi says those who love shall not be necessarily together and says it happens with eyes and heart. Haryali says it is bookish knowledge and says you don’t understand it. Kamakshi says if you had really understand love then wouldn’t have tied him and brought him here. She folds her hand and asks her to leave him. Haryali asks can you give your life for Advik and asks her to tell. She smiles and says all humans are same. She says no human cares for other, only I love Advik. Kamakshi cries and says I can give my life for Advik with my wish. Haryali says you are lying and can’t do this ever. She says when the time comes then you will back off. Haryali says she has some rules and says I can’t take back the Vish which I have kept in his body, neither I can take it out nor he can take it out. She says you have just one way and asks her to become a plant with him. She asks him to either hug him or stop him from becoming a plant. She says you can’t do anything as you don’t love him. Kamakshi says I am ready and says she saw his heart and his world is his world. Haryali is shocked. Advik looks on. They become a tree.

Rudranaath and Dravya are in a hurry and tell that they have some work. Param says Pandit ji is coming to talk about mahurat. Rudranaath says they are going for shopping. Param asks them to wait for some time. Rudranaath signs Aasmi, while Dravya signs Shanaya. Haryali says they have become a tree and says she really loves him so much, their love is of kayanath. Advik and Kamakshi are inside the tree. He asks why did you come here? She says lets give the new color to this kayanaath. She says even they don’t have the heart and full kayanath. He says there is nobody like you, you are different from others. Ishq mera plays…..He says you can’t see the outer world now. She says I will see with your eyes. She heals him with her hand. He asks her not to do this. Her veins become green. He asks her to stop it. She says you can now free yourself from this bandhan. She asks him to go out of tree and gives her swear. He breaks the plant and comes out of the tree with Kamakshi. Haryali looks on. Advik asks her not to come near him. She says you love her and see her with that sight. He says my heart don’t want to be with you. Haryali asks do you love her? Kamakshi faints due to the poison in her body. He asks what did you do with her? haryali says it is the plant poison which is in her and says today she will die and go away from your life. Advik calls her and says you can’t leave me.

Aasmi and Shanaya search for them. Haryali apologizes to him and says I have never seen humans loving each other so much. She says Kamakshi is dying and making you alive, and says it is sad that she died. Advik says she is alive and asks Kamakshi to tell. Haryali vanishes. Advik searches Haryali and asks her to do something. He recalls Rudranaath telling him that Aghori can make the dead alive. Advik asks Kamakshi to get up. Advik asks the trees to do something and says she has saved you many times, this is your vish, save her. She thinks that you can feel and asks the trees to save her from their vish. Kamakshi is dead. Just then few colorful butterflies come there. one of the butterfly sit on her hand. Kamakshi becomes fine and opens her eyes. Song plays…main tera banjawun gaa…They look at each other. Shanaya and Aasmi come there and look at them.

They come back home. Suman says how come you both are together. He says he went to temple and Kamakshi was already there, so they came together. Param says it is good and says Pandit ji has fixed your marriage for tomorrow. Advik and Kamakshi smile looking at each other. Param says Advik’s marriage with Aasmi and Kamakshi’s marriage with Soham. Advik and Kamakshi are sad. Param says those people are happy where two marriage happens altogether. Suman asks Kamakshi what happened? Param says they shall make the arrangements. Kamakshi and Advik look at each other.

Rudranaath tells Advik that he made his magic worked on her and now she is ready to sacrifice herself for him from her heart. He says tomorrow is the night, when I will give her bali and becomes immortal. Aasmi tells Advik that tomorrow Kamakshi will be sacrificed. Dravya tells Advik that he will be responsible for all the murders happening there.

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