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Kawach 14th July 2019 Written Episode Updates

Kawach 14th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Sandhya Protects Angad Using Rudraksha Mala, Kapil Plans Counter Attack

The Episode starts with Sandhya about to burn herself and throws the match stick on the kerosene oil. She sets on the fire. Angad gets worried and comes out holding the blanket and covers her. She asks him to go and says you don’t want to see my face. She asks why did you save me? Angad says because I love you. He sees a small burn on her hand and takes her to bathroom. She asks him to leave her. He switches on the shower tab and tells her that when she is not infront of him then his life comes out from his body. She says I am sorry and hugs him. They come out of bathroom. He dryes her hair and help her get ready. Song plays….ho laggaya ishq di….They get romantic and laugh. He sees the time and gets tensed. He thinks just a hour left for Kapil to come. Sandhya asks what happened? Angad says Kapil must

be coming now and must be watching us. Sandhya asks why is he doing here?Angad tells that he don’t know and says if I had known also then also I couldn’t tell you. Sandhya asks him to come to a place and says there Kapil can’t come or hear us.

Shobha is waiting for the taxi/cab. When Ankit comes and offers her lift. She says she is going to meet a friend and will go. He insists. She sits in his car. He says you can’t even lie properly. She says she is going to meet Rishi in Police station. Ankit says I will also come. Sandhya takes him to temple and asks him if he told you something or gave any clue to know what they want from us. Angad says they want to kill many people, he killed Ashutosh uncle with my hand, I don’t know, he told me and says he said that he will kill many people and have some target. Sandhya asks if he told whom they want to kill. He says no. Angad says they are very powerful. Sandhya says truth will only win and says they are using you for their mission and says we both will make them defeat together. She says we will fight till the end.

Shobha and Ankit come to the Police station. Ankit says I talked to the Inspector and he will make you meet Rishi. Constable comes and says Rishi asked if she came to bail him. She nods no. Constable says he refused to meet you and told that he hates you. Shobha cries. In the car, Shobha cries and blames herself for Rishi’s condition. Ankit says how can he love you when he abused you and your family. She says those you love doesn’t abuse you, but care for you and is concerned for you. He says I am not saying this as I like you. She asks him to drop her in the jewllery store. Angad tells Sandhya that just 5 mins left, he wants to meet Mom and say her sorry. Malini comes to the inhouse temple. Angad hugs her and says sorry. He says I can’t do anything to protect you. Malini tries to say something. Sandhya reads her lips and tells him. Angad tells that if he don’t go by 6 pm then don’t know what Kapil will do. He leaves her hand and goes to room. Kapil is coming there, light flickers and the things get shaken up. It is 6 pm.

Kapil appears infront of him and says so you came. Angad says so you came on time. Kapil says you told your wife everything. He says I told you not to say anything, but you didn’t agree. What do you think that I don’t know anything. He says when you have done mistake then will be punished. Angad asks him not to do anything with his family or Sandhya. He tries to enter him, but can’t enter him. He asks what did you do? Angad says I didn’t do anything. Kapil says if you didn’t do anything then why can’t I enter your body. Sandhya tells Angad that as she told him that God will help them. She takes out the holy thread with rudraksha mala from his pocket. She says Aaji gave it to her. A fb is shown. Sandhya says I kept it in your pocket when you was in the temple. She makes him wear it. She asks Kapil where is he and says you have defeated from a wife and says even Shiv ji help us. Kapil says you can’t see me then how you will fight with me. Sandhya shows her keychain which Malini gave to her and says this keychain and the sindoor is my weapon and will show your face. She sees him in the keychain mirror. Kapil asks her not to feel proud of herself and tells that he will make her husband throw it and invite him. He asks her to think what he will do with their family. Phupha ties the rudraksha thread to everyone and tells that it will protect us. Sandhya tells that all her family members are wearing rudraksha mala and asks Kapil and his wife to go. Kapil says where we come once, go after taking lives. He says you will cry blood tears because of your drama. He goes. Sandhya says now we can live peacefully. Angad says Kapil is went, now this story ends. Sandhya hugs him and cries.

In Kapil’s house, baby crying sound is heard. Kapil comes there and recalls Sandhya’s words. He makes the things fly and fall in the air. He then burns the house. His wife comes there and asks him to calm down. Kapil says she has challenged me and didn’t let me go inside Angad’s body. He says I wait for this moment since many years, she can’t defeat me. I will make Angad helpless that he will invite me in his body. Angad thinks Pret aatma don’t go so easily and asks what is the connection of Kapil with Ashu uncle. He asks her to rethink and says may be Shiv ji sign you something. Sandhya says I feel like I have seen Kapil’s photo somewhere. He asks where? Sandhya says I feel that I saw his photo here. Angad says nobody know him. Sandhya asks him to leave this matter and says they shall make the party arrangements. She asks him to bail out Rishi. Angad says he will not let any innocent guy punished. She feels vomiting sensation and goes to bathroom. She vomits. He says we will go to doctor. She says she is fine and tells that they will go tomorrow. Baby’s hand is shown from inside her tummy.

Shobha is in her room. Her parents come there. her father asks her not to cry for Rishi and says those you love, care, protect and respect. Ankit gets ready and asks Akhil to get ready. Akhil is tensed. Suman comes and teases Ankit. Ankit says they have to go and help Sandy. Suman asks if someone special is coming there. Ankit says nobody. Pratima tells usha that Pandit ji’s shishya gave some holy book to Aaji and she will bring it to the party to give it to Sandhya. Akhil tells Ankit that he don’t want to go anywhere. Usha and Pratima ask why is he shouting. Akhil says I will not go. Vinayak asks why you don’t want to go. Akhil says since the marriage happened, something is happening. They tell Angad is so good and cares for Sandhya so much. Akhil recalls seeing Angad coming out of Ashu’s office. He comes out and sees the pendrive. He calls someone and tells that he wants to meet him. Manoj ends the call and thinks why he wants to meet me.

In the party, Angad tells her parents that he lied to them many times and apologize to them. He says I hurt you all life and even now. He says I won’t let you have any pain. His father says you are saying as if something is going to happen to us. Angad says I won’t let anything happen to you all. Phuphu ji asks him not to be emotional and says they shall dance. Sandhya sings song aisa kyun hota hai….maine ishq tere le duba..and dances with Angad. They all clap. Balraj, Malini and others dance. Sandhya asks Angad not to worry and says everyone is wearing Rudraksha. She thinks even I am worried, Kapil might be planning something. Kapil tells his wife that their happiness is short lived and they will get the chance soon. She says Sandhya challenged pret aatma and the fear is going to come. He says dance, but I will make you dance really.

Precap: Rishi comes and shoots at Angad due to Kapil. Sandhya comes inbetween and gets shot. Angad takes her to hospital. Kapil asks him to remove the rudraksha mala to save Sandhya.

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