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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th June 2019 Video Episode 2949

Watch Today Episode Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th June 2019 Full Episode 2949 Hot Star Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai By Star Plus, Indian Drama Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Full Episode 2949 in Hd, Watch Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10 June 2019 Online.

Serial Name : Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Telecast Date : 10th June 2019
Distributed By : Star Plus
Video Source : Vkspeed/Dailymotion/Tune

The Episode starts with Naira waking up in the middle of a beautiful beach set up. She sees a note on some remote operated toy car and goes after it. She says Kartik knows how to make any normal day special. Kartik hugs her and says Happy Sand art day. She says there is no such day, it was happy burnt pan cake day and happy car pushing day also. He says yes, we shall have special days, we will make Happy us day today. She says we can celebrate it any time. He says no, every day is happy us day. She runs. He smiles. Lakeeron ka…plays…. Naira opens eyes and her dream breaks. After five years in Goa, Naira does yoga. She thinks I have managed it with much difficulty, I won’t break down. She sees a girl struggling in the sea tides. She runs and saves the girl. She lifts the girl

and gets her out. She says I know how this feels, you shouldn’t lose and have courage, you should try once and succeed. She asks them to take the girl to doctor soon. Lisa comes and says wow, you took a big risk, you lifted her and got her here, aren’t you afraid.

Naira asks why to have fears, much happened in my life, I won’t be scared of even a storm. Lisa says don’t say this, either tell me your life’s entire story or not don’t say this dialogue, you can share your pain with me, leave it now, I will get this story out of you one day. Naira says leave it, why didn’t you come in yoga class, how will you get a nice guy in the Carnival. Lisa says I will be there on time. She says you left medical and became a tattoo artist, right. Lisa says yes. Naira says your work is to give pain, not sharing it. Lisa says very funny, I will get your story out. She goes. Naira recalls how she got away from Kartik and cries. She gets a call and goes. She sees someone clicking pics and says no pics please baby. She thinks he got upset and goes home to see. She goes to Kairav and says don’t get angry. The boy says I m not angry. They have a cute talk. They run and play. She recalls Kartik by hearing him. She gets sad.

He asks what happened now. She says thanks for not being angry, and sorry, I love you. He says ditto, its first day at school, I can’t be late, you don’t remember anything, make me ready and send me to school, don’t be sad, you will be best friend, even if there are many girls in my class. She plays with him and hugs. They laugh.

Naira comes to father. He asks her to share the problem with the Lord, if she can’t tell him. Kairav prays for her happiness. He says I get sad when he gets sad. She says I m scared, he will go to school now, when everyone asks him, he will ask me, what will I tell him, how will I lie. Father asks what do you mean. She says about his dad, Kartik. She says Kairav is very little, he won’t understand, why Kartik and my relation break, what will I tell him about his Papa. She sees Kairav. He says come, we are getting late for the school. He greets morning to Father. Father asks Naira not to worry, everything will be fine.

Kartik plays with Vansh. Dekho dekho…plays… Manish cleans his bike and shows it to Suwarna. She jokes. Manish says I m cool since always. Kartik says we are celebrating. Vansh says right Kittu. Dadi says don’t call him Kittu. Vansh says sorry, he asked me to call him Kittu. Kartik says yes, its a big day for him, school’s first day, smile a bit. He hugs Vansh and says we have to party today, call all your friends. Dadi says don’t pamper Vansh so much. Kartik says don’t worry, we will party and celebrate Vansh’s school’s first day. They dance on bum bum bole…. Manish says its time for meeting, come. Kartik shows the tiffin to Vansh and says I forgot to water bottle. Vansh shouts mumma. Vedika gets the bottle. Kartik thanks her. Vansh says she is the best. Kartik takes Vansh.

Naira says I hope no one asked Kairav. Lisa says he is smart, he will manage. The teacher asks Kairav to put his mum or dad’s pic in parents id card. Lisa says you always say this, take a deep breath, just relax, if there is anything, we will handle it, love you, I have to make a tattoo on client’s back. Naira holds her neck and recalls the old tattoo of Kartik’s name.

Kairav comes to Naira. She asks what happened, tell me, did anyone ask anything or say something. He says you are so stupid, I was checking if you become smart, I m very smart and cute, all teachers became my friends. She hugs him. He says you were scared that I will get busy and won’t have time for you, you are very special for me. He sees a couple taking a kid home. Akhilesh and Samarth talk to Manish about work. Manish asks them to check about new bike delivery. Samarth says we will ask Kartik. Kartik comes and says we chose a wrong school for Vansh. Samarth says why, its a big school. Kartik says I can get a school from New york for him here. Akhilesh asks are you serious. Kartik says I can do this for Vansh. Manish says I can help if its about some bike. Kartik says I will seriously find out the school, I will arrange the party for him. Dadi says Singhanias should have come. Suwarna says they aren’t in city. Samarth says Naksh and Kirti took them away. Gayu says everyone misses Gayu, especially Kartik. Vedika looks on.

Kartik smilingly talks on phone. He goes to his room. He gets sad. He recalls her and sees her pic. He says how would I forget you Naira… and cries.

Kairav says I got to know who is my Papa, see I have filled it in family tree, look at it. Naira worries.

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