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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 7th June 2019 Video Episode 60

Watch Today Episode Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 7th June 2019 Full Episode 60 Hot Star Serial Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke By Star Plus, Indian Drama Serial Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Today Full Episode 60 in Hd, Watch Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 7 June 2019 Online.

Serial Name : Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke
Telecast Date : 7th June 2019
Distributed By : Star Plus
Video Source : Vkspeed/Dailymotion/Tune

The Episode starts with Mishti saying I had to come to give the file. Abir says you should have called me. She asks how, you don’t keep a phone. She sees missed calls and calls back. His phone rings. He says I bought a phone. He says I took a step, you take a step now. He shows the bus. He says anyone can talk to me now that I have a phone. A man sells flowers. She recalls Kunal’s words. Mishti says give it to him, he likes it a lot. Abir says yes, I won’t vent anger on flowers. He buys flowers. He does shayari seeing her.

He says flowers understand a poet’s feelings, so sweet. He jokes on Mishti. She gives the file and says it has all details of the kids. He asks aren’t you coming with me. She says no. He says fine, no one will be disappointed. She says good. She goes.

He says now she will call me and say listen Abir, strange man. Mishti says Badi maa… Abir turns to see. Everyone asks Nanu what’s the secret. Nanu says no bro, its bad to check phone. Kunal says its not locked. Atul says there is an audio recording. Parul gets Meenakshi’s phone. Meenakshi thinks now my work will be done. Nanu thinks what if they play the file. Meenakshi takes the phone and switches it off. She says Nidhi said its family time, so no phones, keep the phone and my phone also. Nanu gets relieved. Meenakshi says we don’t want disturbance in our family time, Jugnu ask the guard not to send anyone in.

IT officers raid Maheshwari house. Varsha gets shocked. Kuhu looks on. Shaurya says don’t worry Varsha. He clarifies to the office. The man gets the necklace. Varsha says we got this gifted from Meenakshi Rajvansh on engagement. The man says call her, we want to hear her. Kuhu recalls Mishti and thinks to run away. She thinks I can’t do this, if Mishti can do it, I can do it too. She jumps down and falls. She says Kunal can help us now.

Mishti says sorry to come this way, its not those kids’ mistake, are you angry on me. Rajshri says no, I trust you, we didn’t teach you to leave responsibility incomplete. Vishwamber gets Mishti’s bag. Rajshri asks her to do her work. Abir thanks them for helping NGO and poor kids. He says you are allowing Mishti to work with us, that means a lot, I promise nothing bad will happen now. He goes. Mishti thanks them and hugs. They ask Mishti to go. Mishti says I m just coming for work, we are not friends. Abir says its fine, I don’t make angry, violent and thief type people my friends, you are all of these. They go to board the bus.

Vishwamber gets Kuhu’s call. Kuhu says its a IT raid at home. Rajshri asks shall I stop Mishti. He says no, let her go, we will go home. Kuhu comes to Rajvansh family. Guard says its their family time, you can’t go in. Jugnu sees her shouting and goes to her. She says take me in. He says sorry, just Abir can help you, he got a phone now, call him. Mishti jokes on Abir. She buys two tickets. Abir jokes on her. They start arguing. He smiles seeing her and clicks her pic. She turns away. He clicks pics of flowers. He does cute shayari and praises himself. Mishti says Abir…. I m not violent. He says don’t get angry, you feel you are much hurt on me. She says people get more angry on friends. He says you mean we are friends. She asks when did I say. He says you just said, I m sorry. She says we are going for work. Flowers fall in her lap. She returns the flowers.

Abir sees a bride and people boarding the bus. He thinks its good luck charm for me. He gets happy. He says congrats for marriage. The bride says what congrats, that mean guy cheated me for his girlfriend, I dumped him. Abir says girls can break the relation, she is a smart girl, that guy would be a monkey. Mishti says yes, guys are monkeys. He asks how can all guys be monkeys, do I look like a monkey. Mishti says you are well trained monkey. Abir asks what did I do. Mishti says you guys ask girls to compromise. Abir says some guys are cute and get glasses for girls. The man says those glasses are cute. Abir says I got it. The bride says that guy didn’t tell me that he had a girl in his past. Abir asks what about him who sees future in you, destination is one which is written in fate. Mishti says its good, how much did you know and trust him.

The bride says just a bit. Mishti says it feels bad when stranger lies, heart breaks when friends lie. Abir says when friends apologize, heart joins. The bus stops. Abir thinks of the blame on him. Kuhu calls Kunal. Guard says you can’t sit here. She scolds him. Kunal sings yeh rishte hai….. Parul cries. Meenakshi signs no and smiles. Abir and Mishti come to the dhaba. He talks to the bride in filmi names. Mishti says I like the film Mani Karnika. The bride says your likes are poles apart. Mishti and Abir order the same tea. The bride says its a miracle. Abir says its a coincidence. Abir gets a call. Kuhu asks where are you and Mishti, out house got a raid from It, I want Kunal’s help, your guard isn’t allowing me in. Abir says I will help. He thinks what to do, Mishti will get tension, and he can’t leave the kids’ work, she will identify the tension seeing my face.

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